Climate Change Remedies

Injunctive Relief and Criminal Law Responses

Jaap Spier en Ulrich Magnus (redactie) 9789462360808 | 1e druk, 2013


Climate change poses very serious risks to mankind. Adaptation and damages are emphasized more and more. Although adaptation is important, priority should be given to prevention (mitigation). The contributions in this second volume in the series Legal Perspectives of Global Challenges emanate from an international research project that deals with a legal kaleidoscope of legal issues and focuses primarily on preventive remedies. The contributions of Spier and Magnus tackle injunctive relief and discuss the myriad of legal questions courts have to answer if they are willing to grant injunctive relief. This part of the book addresses both procedural, private international and substantive law. Kemp’s contribution discusses the role criminal law could play to come to grips with the threats of climate change. So far, the greater part of the debate is about the United States, Europe and, increasingly, Asia. Ruppel fills this gap by painting an African perspective.


Environmental lawyers, including academics, and policy makers.


Jaap Spier  is an Advocate-General in the Supreme Court of the Netherlands and a honorary professor at the University of Maastricht (the Netherlands).

Ulrich Magnus is a Judge at the Hamburg Appeal Court and Germany’s Correspondent at UNCITRAL. In addition, he is a legal expert for international organisations, German and foreign ministries and courts               


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