Good, Bad and Next in Public Governance

The Winelands Papers 2012

Goos Minderman, A. Venkat Raman, Fanie Cloet en Gavin Woods (redactie) 9789462360655 | 1e druk, 2013


1Good, Bad and Next in Public Governance: Values and Norms in Public Administration
2Public-Private Partnership in Health Care Delivery: Context, Outcomes and Lessons in India
3Public Value of Dutch Housing Associations: Exploring and Developing the Public Value Cycle in Practice
4Creating an Entrepreneurial University: Effects on University Governance, Research and Teaching
5Reputation as Critical Factor for Public Governance of Dutch Societal Organizations
6Building Empires? The Strategies of State-Owned Enterprises Limiting Governmental Influence
7Towards Governance of Creating Public Value with Performing Arts
8Putting the ‘Good’ Back Into Governance While Corruption Has Taken a Turn for the Worse in the South African Public Sector
9Is There a Place for Rational Choice Theory in Understanding Corruption?
10Mechanisms of Corruption and Other Organizational Misbehaviour: A First Step Towards an Integrated Theory
11Integrity of Governance: What It Is (Not) and What Is Next
12E-Democracy in Russia: Establishing a Habit of Political Awareness and Participation
13Transdisciplinary Approaches to R&D: The Importance of Understanding Values and Culture
14Governance and the Challenge of Sustainable Resource Management in Africa
15On Governance and Global Challenges: Pursuing a System to Govern the World
16Closing Remarks: Towards a Clear View on Politics and Decentralized Governance
Appendix: Case Studies on Public-Private Partnership


This work presents the peer-reviewed and updated conference papers presented at the 13th Winelands Conference of the School for Public Leadership of the University of Stellenbosch. The publication is the result of an international orientation on the themes of good governance and corruption, now and in the coming years. While good and bad are opposites, the same goes for good governance and corruption. They do not go together in one organisation and good governance  is the means to remedy  the other. Corruption hollows out and destroys all forms of good governance at all levels of government. The only sustainable weapon against corruption is in the establishment of good governance and complementary management control within organisations. The conference focused on  the issues of corruption, combating and preventing it and the future of good governance, especially in Southern Africa and (Western) Europe.


Academics in public administration and political science.


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