The Future of Individuals in International Law

Lessons from International Internet Law

Matthias C. Ketteman 9789490947873 | 1e druk, 2012


The state-centric international order is in flux and the role of the individual as an actor in international law is growing. Yet in most international law regimes, states continue to interposition themselves between individuals and international law. Against the background of humanization which is shown to permeate all international legal regimes, this book sketches the future of individuals in international law. From the normative success of International Internet Law as the most innovative post-interposition regime this book draws lessons for the optimal design of (existing and emerging) legal frameworks. Describing in detail the characteristics of a post-interposition regime, including a commitment to multistakeholderism, non-traditional normative instruments and system-wide disintermediation, this book demonstrates why the future of individuals in international law looks bright.


This publication is aimed at all those touched by international law: states representatives and diplomats, cyber foreign policy and cyber security experts from the military , legal practitioners from the private sector, civil society representatives, academia and students and teachers of international law, human rights and Internet issues.


Matthias C. Kettemann studied law in Graz and Geneva and has a LL.M. from Harvard Law School which he attended as a Fulbright and Boas Scholar and where he was named Dean’s Scholar in International Human Rights. He is lecturer and research fellow at the Institute of International Law and International Relations of the University of Graz, Austria, where he teaches international law and Internet law. His research interests include the role of individuals in international law, human rights, evolving security paradigms and information and communication technologies.


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