Designing Administrative Pre-Trial Proceedings

A Comparative Study of Administrative Legal Protection in England and Wales, France, Germany and the Netherlands with a View to Developing Administrative Pre-Trial Procedures

Philip Langbroek, Anoeska Buijze en Milan Remac 9789490947972 | 1e druk, 2012


The relation between citizens and their administration may not be a problem for policymakers, but it can be for citizens. Finding redress against mistakes and wrongful actions of the government or local administrators is not so easy in many countries. Organizing access to justice for citizens and ensuring that their complaints are handled swiftly and diligently by the administration, by ombudsmen and by administrative courts can be quite difficult. It is not at all self-evident that citizens have enough confidence in the right outcome of complaint and court proceedings. This book contains a comparative study of administrative pre-trial proceedings in England and Wales, France, Germany and the Netherlands. The analysis focuses on how to design administrative proceedings – objection proceedings, complaint proceedings and otherwise. While doing so, the authors make recommendations from which both public administration and citizens may benefit. After all, administrative pre-trial proceedings should contribute to the realization of a predictable public administration under the rule of law. The World Bank assigned the original study on which this book is based.


This publication is aimed at academics and practitioners.


Philip Langbroek is Professor of judicial administration and justice organization at the Montaigne Centre of Utrecht University. He is managing editor of the International Journal for Court Administration ( He is a member of the Editorial board of the Utrecht Law Review ( and was chairman of the EGPA Study group on Law and Public Administration. He is currently the chairman of the EGPA Study group on Justice and Court Administration. He has published widely on court administration and on administrative law. He can be contacted via

Anoeska Buijze is working as a PhD candidate at Utrecht Univerity’s Institute for Constitutional and Administrative on the development of the principle of transparency in European administrative law. She graduated cum laude with an LLM in legal research at Utrecht University in 2008 with a thesis on legal effectiveness norms in administrative law that won the KienhuisHoving prize for 2007/2008. She can be contacted via

Milan Remac studied general law at the University of P.J. Šafárik in Košice, Slovakia from 1998-2003. Later, in 2007, he received his master’s degree in International and European Law at the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Between 2004-2006 he worked for the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic and between 2007-2009 for the Office of the Agent of the Government of the Slovak Republic before the European Court of Human Rights. At the moment he is working as a PhD candidate at Utrecht University’s Institute for Constitutional and Administrative Law. He conducts research in the field of Ombudsman studies. He can be contacted via


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